Sub Runners is a historical-fiction Pacific submarine adventure for three players aged 13 and up.

In 1942, As VJ day looms near, Maximillion Valentiner directs a secret submarine full of Chinese gold to secret locations to secure retirement gold for Nazi SS. Gary Shaftoe, a captain in the American Navy, is on the hunt for the submarine and, most importantly, the gold. Meanwhile, Hajime Yamamoto stockpiles ammunitions and weapons to mine the incoming American Fleet.

A generation later...

America Shaftoe looks on as her son Kirk dives deeper than he has ever swam before checking on a local tip about the Nazi Gold. The modern spy and government infiltrator, Olli Valentiner, manipulates the local governments, listing the Shaftoes as enemies of state. In other news, a string of murders has occurred across Asia as the twins, Hero and Kira Yamamoto leave their mark on the traitors who lost their family's wealth.


Sub Runners is a card-driven deduction game for three players. Players take on the roles of three families: The Erdharts, The Shafts, or The Yamamotos. Players gather resources across the world trying to complete their initial goals. The Erhardts: to make three gold deposits, The Yamamotos: to sink the search Corvette, and The Shafts: to sink the submarine. Once the submarine has been mined, Heinrich dies, or the submarine completes three drops, it crashes somewhere in the vast ocean.

The final goals now come to bear. The Shafts must find the crash in the ocean and then recover the gold. The Yamamotos may recover the gold or kill all the other players. The Erhardts may kill the other players or defend the crash site until one of the play decks has been exhausted to win.

This picture is actually a little old (1/16/2015) Level 2 Draft Overhead

Check out these old rags. It was called Nazi Gold until I realized that it just wouldn't work. Level 2 Draft Overhead

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